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About Us


Lawn Care and Beyond’s CEO is Tarian Blakeney. He has five prior years of experience working for himself in the lawn care business. He has previously worked in a variety of service industries selling and marketing products and services. Tarian has developed a strong team of very dedicated people who love to work with nature. As CEO his role is to identify new business, develop and implement marketing activities, and to negotiate and close new contracts, his expertise will also be used in developing the Interior Division.

Lawn Care and Beyond has been created because of the realized growth rate for business in this field and in this area. Our growth rate will also be attributed to our high standards set for customer service. Many customers will move from their companies because of their friendship and relationship with Tarian Blakeney. He has set up an incentive plan for his employees, that reward them for outstanding customer service, based on year-end survey results, or when contracts are renewed or new business is closed.

Lawn Care and Beyond’s CFO is Linda Blakeney. She has 15 plus years’ experience in a successful accounting career. She loves nature, gardening and is studying to become an herbalist. As the CFO for Lawn Care and beyond she will be directing the accounting department and all the accounting function. Linda will also be managing the Planting division; she will provide her expertise to the flower, vegetable and herb planting area of the business.





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